Post Holiday in the HFIM house!

HFIM House--Home for Impoverished Millennials is a combined townhouse/and Victorian mansion being refurbished by 16 (at the moment) Millennials. By contributing work, money, and expertise they pool together their resources and live on the far north side of the Loop, bus stop one block away--and in a neighborhood going through revitalization. Back to our running storylines.

Post holidays, it's 2 AM and Patrick (bar manager) comes home to the HFIM house. Barbie and Chelsea have just arrived from California and Disneyland from their 3 week vacation.


Patrick: Hey, Squirt and hi, Barbie. Looks like you had a great time, tans and everything.
Chelsea: Sure was fun, Patrick.
Patrick: Boy, your dog missed you, she didn't steal my shoes once this week.
Chelsea: I know...she won't stop licking me! I'm pooped and going to bed.


Chelsea: Stop licking me---I missed you, too. Yawwwnnnn. I can't wait to get in bed.


(Patrick rides the elevator up to his room, and drops off suitcases for the girls. Soft snorts and snores come from the bunkbeds. And a goan?)


Foofie: My small human is finally home. (sigh). And, no more waiting! (sigh).


(Back downstairs Rory stirs up a bunch of fried Italian sausage and onions for tomorrows supper.)

Rory: I can't wait to tell you----I got the understudy part of Belle in Beauty and the Beast at Drury Lane. Rehearsals start tomorrow. 


Barbie: That's super----a big break, what other part will you be playing, and what did you do to your hair?


Rory: The director gave me a choice of dying my hair or cutting it so, I can get it all under a wig. Small price to pay. I hope this is short enough. And I have No.2 in the chorus and I have a few bars of vocals, all alone. I'm so excited.


Rory: But it means, someone will have to take over food prep when we have night performances and those days I have matinees. I can still do all the ordering. 


Barbie: Wow, so much happening. Did you all have a great Christmas? And, what is that in the backyard?

Midge: Christmas was GREAT. But...Well, Aidan and Stuart gave each other skateboards and a ramp. At the Christmas party, Stuart took a bad fall, but was okay.

Barbie: Well, boys will be boys. It doesn't look that high?

Midge: WELLLLLL, this morning Stuart was trying to do a flip and broke his ankle! And guess who got to set his leg. Ken----he's on his ER rotation at the hospital. Stuart is upstairs in the guys room, cause the basement apartment has stairs.


Upstairs, Patrick checks on Stuart who is moaning in his sleep!
Patrick: Hey, you doing? Do you need anything?


Stuart: Okay, I'm okay. Just took a pain pill.
Patrick: Well, just yell if you need anything? Nite! 


Rory: So, I don't know when I will be home tomorrow---so just add spaghetti sauce to the sausage and boil up some spaghetti. There's only supposed to be 11 or maybe 12---depending on if Stuart is okay to eat. I cut up all the salad veggies, and there's boiled greenbeans in the fridge. I hope this can be worked out. This is my first real job other than painting scenery at the Goodman and singing at the bar for Patrick.

Barbie: Sure, I will make sure someone does it. I don't know if I will be around, I have a meeting with Lara and Sindy at 4 PM about a space in the Hotel project. Maybe the boys can do some cooking?

Rory: Hmmm, maybe Nemo---he's done with football now, except for weight training. He should be home by 5-ish. 


Midge: Really? The boys cooking, I hope our fire insurance is paid up. 
Barbie: Boiling spaghetti, isn't rocket science. You have to have more faith, lol. And I will check on the insurance. Ryan should have sent out all the payments last week.


Barbie: Aw, Foofie...good dog.


Barbie: Just a kiss from your big Sis. Sweet dreams, Chelsea. 


Barbie: (Crawling into bed thinks-I hope I brought a little magic back from Disneyland, replacing Rory in the kitchen will be hard. Sigh......when you wish upon a star......dreams come true.) Night, night, house. Let's hope so.

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