New Kid on the Block at the HFIM house!


It's Sunday noon at the HFIM house. 

Sindy: The cafe doesn't look like we will be open until May or June, Lara said there have been extenuating construction issues. What ever that means? They have the hotel all boarded up? 

Sindy: And...
I'm so sorry, ladies, I know it's early, but I'm expecting Patrick to bring his cousin over for an interview for the coffee shop. I hope you don't mind?

Barbie: No biggie Sindy, I heard the hotel was boarded up---anyone know why?

Mulan(L) : I'm sure the construction problems are those you have with an old building, Sindy. You should be pleased when it is finished, from what I saw.

Belle (R): Well, we actually need a coffee shop around here, I can't wait, myself. And, Sindy we all miss your baking.


Rory: You are making me hungry! Well, I have to go get dressed then. (Yawning), We have two more performances of Beauty and the Beast and then I get a break. I think I will sleep for a week!


Barbie: That will be great, Rory. But, we sure need your purchasing skills here now---I'm just not great at getting the right amount of anything ordered for all the food and house supplies.

Rory: Well, I may go on the national tour in late April. I still don't know---but I'll make sure we get a system set up---so, you dear people won't run out of toilet paper, again! 

(group laughter) (Rory is/was the supplies organizer for the 17 member HFIM house! She usually sets up the cooking schedule and cleaning schedules, too.)

Rory: Whoops, exit stage right---the boys are here.


Murmurs from the girls: Hmmm, wonderful...num, ...great! hmmmmmmm.... 


Patrick (Right): Hey ladies, this is Seamus or otherwise known as James Carney, my cousin. Jamie, this is Sindy on your right and the rest of the girls from the house.

Sindy: Hi, I'm Sindy---how about we step into the living room and get business taken care of first.


Well, James, tell me a bit about yourself, please.

James: I've been working with Pat for the last six months, but the hours are really hard when you want to schedule classes. I'm in my last year of Hotel and Restaurant management at Kendall College at Roosevelt, but I want to go on right away for my Master's starting in Fall or next maybe next January.

Patrick: He's a really great worker---but the hours at the bar are too long for him.


Sindy: Well, I'm really looking for someone with some management experience in bakery production and-or coffee shop management, I'm going to need my Right-Hand person.

James: I have some part-time work for my Aunt's bakery cafe in Portage Park when I was in high school and the first year I was in college. I did baking, deliveries, and helped to run the cafe in the summertime. I even did some purchasing and pickup of supplies. Aunt Fanny still does a huge business on her Sunday Brunch, can't beat her shepherd's pie. And her Irish soda bread is the best. 

Patrick: I'll vouch for that---too bad her place is so far west of here. 

James: I've worked at restaurants and cafe's in the loop---but, that was so crazy for scheduling, and I had a quarter of management training through Kendall.


James: Well, I have it all here on my resume. Can you give me any idea when you will be open?


Sindy: Not for eight to twelve weeks, but I will need assistance for the set-up. I'm still working two jobs, myself. I'll have to look over your references and get back to you. Where are you going to be staying?

Patrick: He's going to bunk upstairs with me and the guys, starting next week. Cousin Danny, got a movie and he will be gone for a few months and then back for the shooting of Chicago Fire. 

Sindy: Well that would be convenient...maybe we could do some kitchen duty here in the house and find out how well we work together?

James: Sounds, good---Pat said he will give me shorter hours for a bit, so I can finish my senior project. Then I'm all yours, for the summer. Well, we have to go---the bar is calling, it's March Madness. Thanks, nice to meet you all!


Lara (L-Manager for BMR enterprises-and the Hotel project): Well, he sure is cute and qualified---and he certainly would add to the ambiance of your shop. 


Sindy: Hmm, all the little old ladies from the high-rises will love having him wait on them. It's too soon to tell, though. I have to look carefully at his resume. I can't afford to make any mistakes.


Midge: I'm sure he will be great---look how hard Patrick works! I wonder how many cousins he does have? That cousin Danny, he's the hunky quiet one, upstairs, right?


Lara: I love you live in half a house full of single men, one of them a tv well, extra,  and you don't even know who they are? 

Midge: I said he was the quiet one. Honestly, Lara. You need to have a date, yourself...


Midge: ...besides, he is too young for me! 


Meanwhile you met the NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

James (Seamus) Carney, age 21
Portage Park, Chicago, Illinois

(What's next for the Hotel project, Sindy's bakery/coffee shop, and the new resident in the HFIM house? Most important, will there ever be enough toilet paper this week? Stay tuned, LOL.)

Midge: Anniversary Midge repro
James is a 1990 Jonathon New Kid's on the Block- Hasbro.
Sindy is first Katniss Doll, Mattel
Rory is a Disney (Mattel) Aurora doll
Patrick is a Ken maybe Ryan-Fashionista
Mulan: Mattel Mulan doll, rebodied now, no huge flat feet anymore, YAY!
Belle:isWheel chair Barbie, forget her name.

I am trying to switch out articulated bodies for all my dolls. Patrick is patiently waiting.

Dining and living room is refurbished Victorian Mansion.

Most furnishings and most clothing are vintage Mattel. Piano, dining table, computer table are repurposed thrift finds. 


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