Back Yard Fun!

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It's Wednesday in the backyard of the HFIM house. Chelsea is having a Back to School Party! Even the new girls are invited.


Skipper: Anyone want to play Frisbee?
*Courtney (lr) adds to the collective groans*


Scooter: How about body Ring Toss?
*More Collective Groans, and squeals from the paddle ball table!*

MK: I've got it, (Whack!)


(The girls have everything, juice drinks, donuts melting in the hot sun and fruit.)


Gabby(Gabriella):Can you believe school starts in two weeks...and it's still so hot! What DOES your dog want?

Chelsea: Yugh, school! That's just Foofie...she just wants you to pet her or feed her. You're chewing gum, she thinks you have treats.  I suppose we could play badminton in the park, even though it's hot.

Gabby: Wow, she's really friendly! I think it's too hot for exercise. It's too hot for donuts, even fruit! Hi, Foofie---pffttt , don't lick my face please.

Ginny(low): Is it always this hot in Chicago? This is very hot compared to Shrewsbury, also. 

Ashley: It's hot for here, too. This is a fun, take that! Score!

(Time flies and Fun is being had by all, despite the 90 humid degree temperatures.)
Courtney: Get it, MK...smack it again!
Barbie: Hey, Girls! Is everyone having a good time? 
(Music blaring, general chaos noise? 
More Squeals)
Barbie: Can I get anyone anything?


Barbie (raising her voice): HOW ABOUT WE ALL GO FOR ICE CREAM, OUR TREAT!?

A second of Quiet then all hands raise! 

Gang: YES, Yes, YESSSSSSS!...Chocolate?, root beer float?, YAY! Lovely!

Barbie: I guess that's a yes. Someone please rescue the food and bring it inside, and then let's start walking! I heard the ice cream truck in the park!


Foofie: Grrrrrrrrr!


Barbie: Maybe the neighbors won't complain about the noise now, phew! And ice cream sounds very good! And so does some shade!

Diorama: 2 sided backdrop from Our Generation--clearance for $2 
furniture all vintage or thrift store. HFIM House is a townhouse purchased for $6.99 and redone. Fence is a wooden dish drainer-folded up. Grass is scrapbook paper. Fruit-tray-tray vintage Mattel except watermelon is a mini eraser. Game-Dollar store. Garbage cans-pencil holders from Walmart, also saw some at the Dollar store this week.

Clothes: I think these are all vintage Mattel except, MK's pants and Gabby's outfit, are Sparklez. (Sparklez sometimes fits Barbie, but Gabby is a teen Stacie, this set ran small in the capris.)

Donuts are embellishments for scrapbooking, they are very flat, but nicely detailed, so call them donut cookies.

Foofie is from the movie, Secret Life of Pets. She's 'Gidget' and a Pomeranian purchased at 70% off from a book store. (She gets more fan mail than anyone else in the HFIM family.)


  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time this summer! Lovin' your city scene in the background too:@)

    1. Thanks Lynn, I think they have more fun, when I'm not around, lol.

  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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