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2020 HFIM 
For those of you who have missed my earliest posts ---the HFIM house is Home For Impoverished Millenials located in the near Northside of Chicago. Originally a townhouse and a Victorian Mansion joined together, being refurbished by a group of working  vibrant Millenials. By pooling resources (rent, remodeling work, or investing in the house), the HFIM runs democratically with actually few rules-(no shoes, no shirt--no food), and everyone has to help in some way or another in running, maintaining, or repairing the. house. 

The original HFIM Posts began in 2017, HERE on my original blog. Many of the faces have changed, and our grand girl changed some names, now the dolls have a taped name on their butts, so I can keep track.
Later, two basement apartments were added when the inhabitants exceeded the required square footage by Chicago building codes. 

Ryan and Richelle's work space. Richelle does much of her conceptualizing at her drafting table. 

With laptops and printers, Ryan can keep in touch with his office  Chicago Department for Urban Renewal. Richelle wasn't all that happy with his choice of Super Heros for Decor. But, love is about compromises!

You can checkout Ryan and Richelle's (she replaced the original Monica) HERE, and Here. (Monica got cast aside--seems the Grand didn't like her, she got a haircut, gray hair and is now Richelle's Mom.) Richelle took on her job though and is now the lead 'architectural designer' for the HFIM house, while Mulan is in charge of obtaining furnishings. The goal will be to eventually sell the property and everyone split their share of the profits.


The boys' bunk room is in the basement also, currently with Kevin, Ken and soon to be Jamie, and Stuart! 


It has its own mini kitchen for midnight eating. 

The best part---is the all occupants have become a family while they work off their college debts, start their careers, and eventually move on. We last saw some of the girls after a marathon window washing in October! 
This post is the first meeting for the new year!

left to right Mulan, Barbie Rowan (Major owner), Sindy (chief baker), Kevin(brother to Dr.Ken), 

Barbie: Well, is everyone here, (she counts heads-16), I guess we will start-Patrick is missing. Okay we are officially coming to order. Kevin, can you give a treasurer's report! 

Kevin: Well, we just acquired our new mortgage at the lower rate. So, the money saved and the increased property value...will offset the increases in taxes, city services, and utilities. So, there will be no increases for rent/food at this time. The Balance in the investment restoration account today is $12,758.16.

Balance in the monthly expense account stands at $2,900 as of December 31st. As of today, the expense account stands at $5,850.41 with everyone's rent in. Sindy and Jamie, make sure you keep your receipts for all food and supplies.  

Barbie: Great, thank-you Kevin. All in favor of the treasurer's report, please say Aye!  AYES have it! 

Any old business? 
New business? 


Dr. Ken and Belle

Belle: Midge and I will be taking over the cleaning and laundry schedules for all parts of the house! Please check and complete your assigned tasks sometime during each day. The list will be in the kitchen in the file book. Please everyone, disinfect doorknobs, phones, all eating surfaces, and appliances, when you use them. This will keep us all healthy and everyone wash your hands before and after eating and in the bathroom.

Please continue to use your totes for personal hygiene supplies, and taking them with you when you are done in the bathrooms! 

Please remember to sort garbage and recyclables, remember we are trying to go 'Green' in this house. All garbage is to be removed from the house daily.

Barbie: Thank you, Belle, sounds like we have everything under control. 

Middle back to right, Aurora (Rory) Vance, Jamie Carney, Nemo.

Ken: I will be moving out, but I still be investing some of my salary in the restoration. I'm going to be an ER Resident at Chicago Hope, so you will still see me now and then! Especially to see Belle. I need to live closer to the hospital, though for emergencies. Sorry gang! No more freebie house calls! 


Barbie: Well, good luck Ken, we will miss you---but your bed will be filled by Jamie! Welcome, Jamie!

Jamie: Thanks, everyone has been great while I was using Aidan's bunk when he was gone.

Rory: And, I will be gone again with a new tour of "Beauty and the Beast," I leave in two weeks and won't be back until early April! So, someone will have to take over the kitchen and ordering duties. 

Jamie: I can do that, at least until Sindy's bakery and coffee shop opens. I only have 2 classes this semester in Culinary school until I graduate. I hope you'll like my cooking!


Sindy: I can help Jamie with the ordering and shopping until the construction is done on the Grand Hotel! I can't do much of anything in there until they finish. We still don't have water or electricity in the shops areas! I need to test out some more recipes' for my gluten and vegetarian offerings I will have at the Bakery.


Rory: Can you start right away? They doubled my rehearsals and I have costume fittings this week? I'm swamped! And, I'm sure going to miss your zucchini muffins!

Jamie: I can start tomorrow, if you can show me the basics of ordering what everyone likes, and how many show up for meals?

Rory: No problem, we sort of have it down to a science almost...(chortle). You only have to cook for two meals, breakfast and supper. Lunches are help yourself out of the fridge/freezer, etc.


Ryan and Richelle engaged forever!

Ryan: Sindy, I saw some permits go through the office this week, so progress should be starting pretty soon. I know it has been a long haul. Everything has been stalled with changeover to the new mayor's administration. 

Richelle: And WE ARE getting married this year, sometime! After that Hotel is finished.

Ryan: Um, yes Dear, we are!


Peder: (from behind Ryan): I just got called back to work on the Hotel, I will start again next week Monday.

Chelsea: Can someone please put in the new door between my room and the bathroom? I hear everybody's, everything!

l to r, Foofie, Midge, Aidan, Chelsea

Aidan: I can do that, I only have two days this week in "Chicago Fire."

Barbie: (typing madly) Great, that takes care of lots on the new list! Ryan, can you get final quotes on the exterior stairway, and re-surfacing the blacktop for the driveway. 

Ryan: Already on it! These should be our largest expenses this year! We sure can't plan on anything else until those are done. 

Richelle: But, new floors on second and third floors are also on the 'wish list'. 

Midge: The upstairs laundry dryer is making strange noises again?


Peder and Stuart
Peder: I can check on that, I think it needs a new belt, a quick fix! And, I can repair the switches in that room, the lights keep blinking.

Sindy: we need a folding table in that room and shelves, and more baskets.

Stuart: I'm available next week, for two days for any project, I can do that. There's a piece of countertop the garage that might work, and plenty of wood there, also.


Jamie and Nemo-front. 
Nemo: Stuart, I'm up for insulating the garage...anyone else? The insulation is just sitting there. Anyone into cars now, the van and scooter need tuneups?

(Aidan raises his hand), I can do that.


Barbie: Well, that's great! Stuart on laundry room, and Aidan are on vehicle  maintenance, after the garage is insulated. Thanks, Nemo, I had forgotten that wasn't done.

On exterior maintenance, Peder could you make sure to clear the walkways and stairs and everything is salted for snow, for this month please! Enlist anyone available to help if we get buried? If you need more supplies, please ask Jamie to order that for you, before you run out!


Chelsea: I will still feed the kitties and the dogs! 
Barbie: Thank you Chelsea, how about using the pooper-scooper?
Chelsea: Eeeeww, but I will do that, too. 


Kevin: Patrick said he will not be available for some time. He's looking for a new space to start his own bar with a food license. Actually he's looking at the basement of the hotel, but not sure if he can get a liquor license for there. He's at a meeting with Lara right now, to see if it is doable!

Barbie: Wow, this neighborhood is really changing. Soon, we will have everything within walking distance.

Okay, any more new business, problems? None? Okay---meeting is adjourned. Now, everyone grab a chair and put all the furniture back! And, thank-you, all.


Kevin: I almost forgot. As social director---Don't forget Game Night next Saturday night! It's posted on the refrigerator. Sign up and bring your favorite game and we will have a marathon night. I even have some prizes for the winners! Dates are welcome, just let me know who is coming! 

Thank you for visiting, I will try and respond to every question and comment. 

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  1. My goodness, their meetings run so smoothly! LOL (After pasting the minutes into the club newsletter layout, I appreciate the easy going procedures of the HFIM meetings. It's almost Utopian!);-) LOVE IT ALL!

    1. Yes, that's what meetings should run like...grins. LOL.....say I miss you---we have to plan an outing when I can drive, which should be soon! Hugs, miss ya! And Utopian, and Utopian...wait until something more falls apart...remember the dryer breaking, I'm thinking maybe bees in the fireplace---that might be entertaining if I can figure out how to do photos with bees flying around!


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