Chelsea Finds a Coach

With Chicago Schools shut down, Chelsea and Nemo from the HFIM house are out of luck. Nemo's teaching is on hold as his school and the extra sports he coaches and referees are cancelled. Chelsea's school's soccer team has been cancelled. With Chelsea stuck in the house with all adults, they ALL try to find something to keep her busy.


Nemo: Okay kid, let's see if you can get all four in the net! First one is a SCORE! 

Chelsea winds up and takes a run at the soccer ball! 


Her foot glances off the ball, and her shoe goes flying!


And the shoe doesn't score, but sure is close!

Nemo: OOOOoffff! Right in the breadbasket! A little more to the right, kid!
Chelsea: Sorry, Coach. I lost my shoe!


Chelsea: Can I try again! 
Nemo: Sure, but move the net by the grill, please!

Nemo: (Now standing behind her) The Kid sure has power for a little girl! I can't even eat my lunch!


After many balls in and not in the's time to take a break!

Chelsea: Nemo is a great coach, I'll for sure make the A squad, when school starts again.


After straightening the yard, they go inside for a lunch, drink and a break!

Nemo: So, what's your stats for the day, kid?


Chelsea: Thirty-two IN the net. Two off the top, one off the side, and I wounded you, Coach. Sorry about that, and sixteen missed. Thanks for giving me the tips, Coach!

Nemo: Great, now it's your turn to feed the cats, and then let's eat! (he holds his stomach).


Grumpy and gang, could care less about balls, goals, nets, or coaches. 

All the gang is carefully maintaining social distancing due to the Covid19 virus. But, still trying to carry on! The usually crowded HFIM house has thinned out...we will see in the next posts, 
how it is going?

The usually very busy near northside Chicago....isn't right now!

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  1. Have to chuckle at the little spikes on the bottom of Chelsea's shoes! Cute pics, and you just reminded me I picked up a small cabinet from the curb this morning to see if maybe I can turn it into some type of setting, gotta get it out of the trunk:@)

    1. LOL, she's actually articulated, I just changed heads, the articulated doll came with the soccer net, a little sister and the clothes. so it's pretty complete, good luck on your cabinet! Sandi

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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