Patisserie is STILL OPEN!

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Tuesday 7:40 am at Sindy's Patisserie

Sindy: I can't believe we have been open for almost two weeks. Thanks for coming in and helping with the orders, Barbie.

Barbie: No problem, glad to get out of the house and help somewhere. Besides, Chelsea and the guys were driving me crazy. 

Sindy: I never thought we would have to turn off the phone, but that has helped, too. All of today's orders are ready. Stacking up the last one. If anyone wants to order, it has to be for tomorrow, or we won't have anything left for the walk-in customers. And, no whipcream cakes, because of supply issues.

Barbie: I totally agree, you are pretty sparse already. Did you give up on cakes?

Sindy: Yes, now it's cupcakes and sheet cake pieces. We can serve the most people, and it's easiest right now and the wisest use of the ovens. We can't keep up with the breads. Poor Jamie, he was still here when I came in this morning! 

Barbie: Jamie's so quiet. It's good thing Rory is coming home. She's been staying with her aunt outside of Oklahoma City since her tour got cancelled. It will be great to have a full time kitchen authority in charge again. Thank goodness, a few left and we can keep a safe distance at home.

Sindy: I'm sorry I wasn't able to pitch in more...but this last two weeks have been crazy, here. Everyone was right, this neighborhood needed a bakery.

Barbie: Sit down for a break, we open the doors in fifteen, and you can start baking then.

Barbie: The system Lara set up for online ordering is great, she even has limits on what you can make according to your supplies. That's impressive.

Sindy: Yes, she's a whiz with computers. All I have to do is enter, what we have delivered for supplies, put in the orders and recipes for the day, and it takes care of the rest. We are all set---and so far we have been making all our commitments. I just wish customers weren't so grumpy.

Sindy: Phew, this feels good. I know I need to get some yeast doughs mixed up. I hope the next supply truck shows up with more bags and supplies. I never know what they are going to deliver for sure. I'll give you the invoices if they do. Maybe you can enter them, if we have a slow time. But, I see customers are lining up outside already.

Barbie: Well, the rack is full of cupcakes, I hope they last...and you still have donuts left after filling the orders.

Sindy: Oh, make sure the Chicago Police Department and the Fire Department, don't pay for their orders. They are working hard enough, already! 

Now, I better start more donuts and cupcakes right away. Break is over! 

Doors are OPEN!

Barbie: Hi! Welcome to the Patisserie, how can we help you? 
Sorry, we don't have drinks available right now, but we have lots of fresh bakery.

Thank-you and please come again, or order online, for pickup the next day. Stay Safe!


Back at the HFIM house, it's now 1 pm....Jamie and Patrick are up in the empty bunk room. 

Patrick:(right) Hey, Jamie....time to make the donuts....HEY JAMIE___up and at Em!

Jamie:....errrr, what day is it?

Patrick: Tuesday---all need a shower! You smell like--strawberries. And, don't get too close! I kinda like having this floor to myself, when you are gone. Can you bring home something from the bakery, though? Whatever is still laying around.

Jamie: Sure, but we have been sold out of everything, everyday. I don't think we will have anything. Call in an order, and I will bring it home, tonight, tomorrow, whenever I get back.

Patrick: Thanks, Jam.... If you need help down there, let me know, I'm going crazy with the bar closed. I'm just glad, I haven't signed the lease yet for the Hotel basement. 

Jamie: I really smell like strawberries?
Sindy: Everything smells like strawberries in here!

This is dedicated to all the food and service industry employees, 
who work long hours to make sure we safely 
have everything we need. 

Thank you for visiting, I will try and respond to every question and comment. 

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  1. Guys smelling like strawberries is not a bad thing:@) Looks like everyone is working hard and I'm sure it's appreciated!

    1. LOL, Maybe to other guys, it isn't !!! I used to have to go to basketball games, smelling like fried fish after working in my parents store all day...sat at the top row, thoug

  2. The patisserie is doing so well! Smelling like strawberries is indeed a good thing hahaha! Great episode!

  3. Awww... Sandi, these episodes are such delights during this time of isolation. I love looking at the little details... wishing I had the energy to set up a few displays of my own.

    1. Oh, Barb I'm sure you ahve tons to display. I'm binging of sorts, because I have to take it down to get at some other projects. The HOTEL is so and my big ideas, but so many nooks and crannies to take photos from. We are going to redo the outside walls, with wood and more hinges, which will be better. Someday I will drag it to club, if we ever get to have a meeting. Hugs, and hope you are doing well. The newsletter was sorry no one said a thing???

  4. The tiny pastries are too cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Thank you so much, many are erasers, but I made most of the breads myself!! And, fabric paint makes wonderful icing, if you keep the hole small!


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