Townhouse Lockdown!

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(Special Note: I am in no way making light of our current health situations. What is out there, is a matter of life and death. I try to portray my doll's lives as realistically as I can, and still be entertaining for adults and still suitable for younger viewers. I try to address problems with solutions. Not everyone is perfect, even in a doll world. I took all these photos, before masks were suggested, but the characters are home and inside!)

THE Townhouse has been on Lockdown!

The gals (ages, all in their late 20's) are finishing their second week of lockdown in the townhouse in their Northside Chicago neighborhood.  

L to R: Gilly, Zoe, Teresa, Carly share Vickie's old townhouse. 

They have rearranged the bedroom,  put up a curtain, and one person has to sleep downstairs. 

But, keeping 6-feet apart isn't easy when you share living spaces. The only one working away from home now is Teresa, who fills in for a reporter on Channel 7 twice a week. 

Vickie's Vintage is closed like all unessential businesses in Illinois, though Zoe and Carly, each take a shift at home working with online orders. Even that has slowed down. 

Teresa: Only thing worse than working only 2 days a week, is eating soup, AGAIN? 


Zoe: I can't face it either. I'm thawing a turkey out...maybe next week it will be ready to cook. Does anyone know how to cook a turkey?

Carly: Nope! Maybe we could baste it with that soup? Well, tonight we can have stale taco chips, or stale sandwiches with the soup?


Zoe: Thank goodness, rent isn't due. Vickie said BMR has 'postponed' her mortgage, so our rent and will be paused and  instituted into a payment plan after this is all over. Definitely a reason for celebrating. I'm going to mix up more Margaritas.


Teresa: Here's a pack of 2018 Goldfish crackers I found in a drawer upstairs. Could we use that for stuffing that turkey?

Zoe: Yech, that sounds terrible. Well, I made the that's my share!

Carly: Well, we are getting Vitamin C anyway, giggle. Here's two 'dead' gingerbread cookies. Maybe we should order for delivery!

Teresa: Anything, but I hate Gringo Tacos...! Maybe the delivery guy will be cute??? 

Gilly: Oh, second that,---and these chips are disgusting. I vote for a veggie pizza!

Carly: I vote for more Margaritas, and let's put the soup away and order two pizzas and one with bacon and pineapple... maybe?

Teresa: With barbecue sauce and chicken? 

Gilly(vegan): That even sounds good to me....sigh! I'll pick around the chicken.

Zoe: More, Margaritas coming up! 

Carly: I'll place the order now, though. How about some salad, too?
We haven't had anything fresh for over a week.

Gilly: I'm definitely for that!

ARE YOUR DOLLS set with enough SUPPLIES and FOOD? 
Are you?

Diorama: Two Barbie Mattel Townhouses put together (6.99 at GoodWill). Lights are battery Christmas lights. Full-size Mattel refrigerator in one door frame, furnishings a mix of old and newer. (I think I have bought 6 sets of the table and chairs for all my dioramas from the last three years. Rug, discounted felt, also felt on the Mattel thrift store couch. Upstairs all odds and ends, purchased at thrift stores, linens are vintage odds and ends. No decorator in this house, LOL.

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  1. Gotta love that no matter how bad things get, someone can always find a bottle of booze to help us through it! Had to chuckle a the 2018 Goldfish:@)

  2. Hahaha! The girls are hilarious, at least they have vitamin C :D

    1. They are all in service industries of sorts, I would think it would be hard to be prepared in such a situation in the city. Thanks for stopping by! Sandi


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