Grand View (Grand Hotel) Condos: Moving IN!

Wednesday Night March 18, 2020.                              Ad-Free Blog

With all the drama going on downstairs...the 8 condos are slowly being moved into.

Lara, from BMR, manages the Grand View, and has moved into the last available condo, 2A. It's the smallest studio and right across from the Diva, Colette and her companion, Emilie!

Lara: I really love the upstairs hall, I'm so glad this floor had the last apartment.

Lara: These are the only two apartments with the stained glass window and the atrium.  I love the plants, the window, the light pouring in.

I wish I had time to really move in...most of my things are stuffed into my car, or at Aunt Barbara's. 

...I'm definitely going to need some shelves,

...and some space for hanging clothes...

The bathroom is tiny, but has a great shower. I'll need some hooks and shelves in there, too.

And I love my little chair nook. Perfect for working on my laptop or reading. Trish left me this great plant as a customer thank you! 

She planted some lemon grass and mint in here, it gives off delicious scents. 

I wonder how the ladies in the next apartment are doing.

(Inside 2 B)

Emilie:(left) Phew, I'm so glad I finished unpacking those boxes before the next delivery. The moving company said late today.... Colette, are you listening?

Colette: (humming to herself) Yes, I'm just trying to arrange this song, at least in my head, before my studio time.

Emilie: I know you are busy...I just thought you might notice I finished the dressing table.  We have to decide if this stays here, or moves into the bedroom, when the bed arrives. I don't know if there will be enough room.

(No answer, more humming...then Colette paces and hums some more....)

Colette: Emilie, I must finish this. I do like the choices you have made, you don't need my approval. 

Emilie: Flowers arrived for you an hour ago---I sadly do not have a vase to put them in? 

Emilie: We have stayed in Hotels so long, we don't have hangers...or vases...or many things. I can't wait for the boxes from Paris to arrive. I have forgotten what we shipped months ago.

Emilie: Lara said there is a lovely vintage boutique in the next block, Vickie's Vintage. I do miss the Paris flea market. 

(Bzzzzzz- the moving company is finally here.) 

a few hours later....

Oh my, we did pack a lot of things. many boxes....

Emilie: Ah, my-lady's toilette box. Hmmm, smell the soap! Oh, Chez Joyeaux...creme....and bubble bath.

Colette: ....hmmmm--hhhmmm----hmmmmmm, (scribble scribble)

Another knock at the door!

Lara: The quarantine isn't scheduled to begin until tomorrow....I will check and see if they need anything.

Colette: (mumbling as she makes her way through the boxes to the door)

Lara: Hi, neighbors! I just wanted to check to see if you have everything you need?

Colette: Zank you, Madesmoiselle. We are fine, but a bit...disheveled with zee unpacking. Ah, do you have a vase? I received some 'fleur' and I have nozing to put them in.

Lara: I think I have a pitcher, I'm not unpacked yet either. Most of my belongings are in my car. I'll be right back.

Lara: Will this pitcher work? 

Colette: Oui, and zank kind. What is that the hall?

Lara: Oh, the bakery downstairs, they were hoping to open tomorrow. But, the Grand Opening may just be an open door. They will not be able to serve as a restaurant, but sell food bakery. 

Good-bye for now, I'm sure Sindy will have something available. I know the delicious smells, will be hard to resist!

Colette: Mees, Lara, seems so friendly. 
Emilie: Oh, the scent is making me so hungry!  
Colette: Emilie, pleez call the Patisserie and see if we may purchase!

Emile: This is very nice, Sindy invited us down to have coffee---very Parisian. Perhaps we will not miss Paris so much. This croissant is quite good.

Colette: It is a lovely building, sigh. But, I miss everything in Par-eee. And, now we move here into the middle of a disaster...a pandemic...they say, we will be locked up for months, maybe?

Emilie: Jacques messaged me, it is far worse in Monte Carlo...! 

Colette: Never again-speak his name to me. To me--Jacques ees morte! 

Emilie: OKAY! But, we must go upstairs and need to take your mind off him. And we have to find the sheets for the bed.
I hope some hangers show up, for our clothes.

(to be continued)



  1. Even Barbie is affected... Scary times, I hope all is well with you. Everyone should have their own cozy chair nook and your little moving boxes crack me up! I can appreciate the time it takes you to set everything up, I need to practice more patience in trying to create dioramas. Thanks for the fun story and inspiration:@)

    1. Hi, Lynn. First thanks for visiting---second, this is way over the top for me...and has been a long haul. The pay off is taking photos. As far as dioramas go---you can easily keep it simple. I have some contact paper covered foam core walls with three it stands freely. This is a great stickable surface to change easily---I can set up a school, living room, kitchen, grocery store, etc. quickly with this and then photo, and put it all away. Think a small area, you can take photos in...because it is only what shows in the photo---that is important! Lots of people use printed backdrops(I have snitched free Morgue file photos to do that) and that eliminates a lot of details. I do pickup Barbie houses, very cheap--the hotel was 9.99 --the electrical didn't work, and nothing was included, but it has been fun to work with!
      You should do a baby shop---you have so many cute ideas for the baby and small dolls!! That is one area I have stayed away from...but have a box full of little stuff!

  2. Well, Barbie's Move seems to be going well, I know how difficult the unpacking process is! *Winks* Photos #1 and #2 are stunning, you do such Beautifully realistic dioramas! This was a Welcome Escape from the Pandemic News... some Fantasy and Play are good to buoy the Spirits!

    1. Thanks so much Dawn. I'm a historical freak, and the fun part about the atrium was the research. So many buildings went up in Chicago prior to the 1893 Columbian Exposition. And so many of these buildings have been demolished, I thought it would be fun to 'resurrect' one, make it modern, but respect the past. This building is quite reminiscent of those type of buildings on the northside of the Loop, some areas are still being gentrified. I love when you talk about the old home..., and I'm so glad it is being restored...HUGS and thanks for visiting.

  3. Hee, hee! Wait, on Colette's accent...LOL. Thank you for visiting again.. I'm a frustrated ex-floral designer in one of my lives...and Trish is my alter ego in that department. I hope to do some more floral postings quickly for Spring. Thanks so much for visiting and enjoy!

  4. I was in junior high school when Barbie came out. Despite being a doll, I just had to have one and played with her for years, making clothes and pretending. - Margy

    1. Ah, thanks for stopping by Margy. I was 12 when I received my Barbie 1959 for my Birthday. I basically had 2 years or so playing, sewing, pretending and then she was packed away. I had boys---so she didnt' resurface until I had my GrandGirl...just 7 years ago, and we built her a dollhouse, and I was hooked, again. It's really not the dolls, but the buildings, stories and creativity that I'm enjoying in my 'new' hobby. Crazy, bbut totally doable as a senior!


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