Hotel Project: Sindy's Big Decision Part 2

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Lara and Barbie leave Sindy to ponder the possible space for her bakery/cafe on the main floor of the Grand Hotel Project.


Barbie: Love this old elevator---it's an OTIS, even.

Lara: Originally the hotel was built for the 1893 Columbian Exposition here in Chicago. It had so many tiny rooms---as most of the patrons spent their time at the Fair.


Lara; You can see this small built-in bedroom, there were three like this on this side. 


Barbie: A very small space indeed.

Lara: People were so much smaller then, the other rooms didn't even have windows. This floor will extend all the way to the pillars.


Lara: Be careful, and there will be glass walls and a railing overlooking the atrium. I hope they reuse these railings somewhere else.

Barbie: This should be a good sized studio apartment, when done.

Lara: Yes, the bathrooms are still being finalized, it's hard cramming 21st century plumbing into a 19th century building.


Lara: Each apartment will have a wall next to the elevator and hallway. Upstairs will be two more apartments.

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Barbie: Is this where the ceiling are so low downstairs?

Lara: Yes, the original plans had a sleeping loft built over the kitchen, but that's been nixed due to the duct work. So, this will be a smaller apartment, with more built-ins.


Lara: This tub, or Koi Pond---will have to go. It's right in the middle of the hallway. I can't imagine why? It was a later addition. Rumors say it the building was a speakeasy and a brothel during prohibition.


Barbie: Maybe that explains all the small bedrooms...?

Lara: Well, when the floors are in, it will be easier to tell if they can fit everything in. The plans are a bit open still.


Barbie:Totally love these windows. We have to finish the HFIM house soon, too. Everyone is getting too comfortable there. We still need to add another bathroom and do the attic. An outdoor stairway needs to be added and the grounds updated. Always so many projects and so little money. In the HFIM---everyone is too busy working, to be helping.

Lara:Well, the neighborhood is really beginning to pop, selling wise. There are at least three buildings sold in the last month on the backside of this block, and for crazy dollars.


Barbie: Well getting this old eyesore redone will help everyone.

Lara: Exactly!


Lara: So, Sindy, do you need more time, or should I get a letter of intent ready for you to sign?

Sindy: If we could get down to the particulars, I'm sure I will be able to make up my mind. But, I have to get to work, now. So--how about tomorrow, here?

Lara: Great! But they are tearing out the floors tomorrow--and no one will be allowed in---so how about at Tony's for lunch...say 1:00. 

Sindy: Sure, that will be fine. Do these crazy lights stay....? They are growing on me?

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