Grand Hotel: Lara Surveys the New Construction

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Saturday, Lara pokes her head into the Hotel, 
to see the current progress.

Lara: Hello, Mr. Pitt. Is it okay if I come  in and look around?


Russell Pitt (foreman): Sure, Miss Roberts. We just laid the subfloor, the crew is gone. I was just checking some plans for next weeks work schedule.


Lara: Oh, WOW! This is amazing it adds almost a foot and a half to the ceiling height. And it looks like you have started on the upper level, too.

Russ: Yea, really opens up the space. We have the column supports in, also.


Lara: I can't get over the height difference. I don't feel like a giant anymore, even though I am tall. The bakery renter, will be ecstatic. I've signed up three tenants for these lower spaces.


Lara: Including my little office which will be here. 
Looks like I will have to do a built-in desk, and I could have a table top all the way to the window, and storage below....perfect.


Russ: We still have to reopen the atrium back wall, but all the demolition is done upstairs and downstairs. I'll take you upstairs, now that all it is all cleared.


Lara: Wow, the space looks great! I can visualize the railings. And now the floor is level with the elevator. Much better.


Russ: Yes, there will be a railing here in the hall and doors to the apartments. The 'specs' call for two glass window walls to the apartments. Those will go in at the end. Lots of glass is on order.

Lara:That will be wonderful to add natural light to the apartments.


Lara: Somehow you got rid of the bathtub. This smaller apartment looks big now.

Russ: The subfloor goes right over it. Too much hassle to take it out, was cemented into the beams. Now, it's a good-sized space.


Lara: This side is a bit bigger, hmmm, I will have to choose one of apartments for me, I guess I will wait and see which is leased first. The plans I saw, showed a full bath. I could put the bed here. I wonder where the closet will go?

Russ: I'm waiting for the next set of plans for the electricians and the plumbers. It's going to take some time before you see any more major progress!


Lara: Well, I'm impressed with the space.

Russ: Stop in anytime you see lights on, I'm usually here late to plan for the next day's work. Monday the electricians begin and Wednesday the plumbers will start. Tomorrow, my guys begin on the atrium back wall. Original 1892 plans filed with the city--show an unusual space behind there, so we will do an exploratory.


Lara:I never thought of this building as an archaeology site. But, I suppose it is. Thanks so much for the tour. I hope to see you next week. 

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