Grand Hotel: Demolition Secret!

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Contractor on the Hotel renovation, Russell Pitt, explains to the girls what his crew found. Sunlight pours through the 'window' in the early morning. 


Mr.Pitt: First, I have to apologize for the secrecy around this 'thing'. I took the liberty of boarding up the street windows here on the main floor. My crew has built a temporary wall to protect the space  behind this window. We don't need this hitting the news or the 'street', before we secured the building. 

I have been in touch with Ms. Roberts, and she has been cooperative in giving me leeway and funds to protect this artifact. Sorry, Miss Lara, I felt I had to go to the top with this. Under her direction, we have asked you here to see exactly what this is, and how to go forward.


Richelle(Lead Designer on the project): I don't know what to say---it's huge. 
Lara: There was nothing in the research on this building to indicate this was here? It's absolutely breathtaking.

(The ladies are dumbfounded and simply stare at the thirty-foot high stained glass window.)


Mr.Pitt: Fortunately, I've been contractor on enough old buildings to know there can be unexpected finds, and I had my crew proceed on the demolition, slowly.  We started by opening one square foot. 
It was worth it, there are only a few minor cracks, but the metal structure needs to be reinforced. My guess, from the wall construction, it was covered over in the 1920's and that is why it is in good condition.


Mulan(representing the Art Institute): I have to take some proper photos. I have a colleague in Victorian Arts acquisitions who will be very interested.


Upstairs, Milan gets another view as the sunlight beams through the window.


Mulan: The detail is amazing on this painted glass. It is not Tiffany. 


(Mulan takes a few more photos)


Mulan: This is the only angle I can get the whole window!


Richelle: The colors and the rippled glass, I think it is original to the building or only a few years later.

Lara Roberts: Thank you so much for your diligence Mr.Pitt. I agree we will have to keep this secret until the window has been fully protected and secured outside and in. Will this effect your completion schedule?

Richelle: Its certainly will affect the rents!

Mr.Pitt: Well, I have an estimate of an 8 week wait for glass for the outsidewall. We will have to keep the building totally secured until that is installed. We have plenty to do inside, and still have to finish electrical and rough plumbing. This will effect the apartment landings though, can't have construction going on so close. I have some canvas and plywood to board this up temporarily, if that is your wish.


Lara: By all means, board it up! 

Mulan: Yes, protect it from construction, please.


Mulan: It is gorgeous how the changing light affects the colors. 


Richelle: I have to redo so many of my  design elements and play up the greens. More plants will have to be used. I'll have to redo ALL my presentation drawings. Mulan please let me know what you find out about the window or the artist. Look back,  see what an entrance this will be. Wow!

Mulan: Yes, this really changes many things for this building. Does it have National Historic status? 

Richelle: No, it didn't qualify because of all the alterations to the original building. Perhaps we can apply again, further along in the project if we preserve as much as we can. 

Lara: Well, Mr. Pitt, when you said a secret---I had no idea? I will have to do a lot of explaining to renters, and I will need to redo the brochures. I'm sure you have many bigger changes you will have to make, than my paper presentations. 

Mr.Pitt: Yes, we will have to hold on the glass walls for the apartments, some of those materials were supposed to arrive next week. And, the security issue--is the biggest problem, right now. My guys have sworn to secrecy for the time being.

Lara: Well, everyone here today are professionals and we will keep this quiet for now. But, what a great marketing tool this will be. I have to go and speak with my aunt Barbara right away to go over her ideas. Thanks, for all your hard work, and please stay in touch.

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