Richelle and Ryan: Going Home

Friday at 6:30AM, Ryan and Richelle loaded the HFIM van and drove to Northern Wisconsin to visit her parents.

Ryan: I can hardly see out the back window...we filled the entire van, and I only had one bag and my briefcase.


Richelle: And the cooler, and your computer. Don't cry to me if you are frozen up there because you didn't bring enough clothes.


(Almost 9 hours later---rolling down a gravel road in Nicolet National Forest.)

Ryan: Are we there yet? Even the GPS isn't working up here. Are we in Canada?


Richelle:Ya, cell reception is horrible up here. We are almost there, I think through that bunch of fir trees. Look at it this way, we didn't need passports.

Ryan: There....I see lights...Christmas Lights.

Richelle: There's Mom and Dad, and that doofus is my brother.


Todd (Richelle's Dad): Hey there, welcome to the northwoods. We were about to send out the dogs for you.


Todd: How long are ya staying, or are there more people buried under all that.

Richelle: Oh, Dad....

Ryan whispers: I told you so...

(Richelle jumps out of the car and hugs her mom.)

Karen: Oh, sweetie, I have missed you so...but, let's go inside and let the boys unpack the car.  We got Cabin 6 all ready for ya.


Richelle: Oh Mom, I've missed you, too!


Karen: Now Richelle, you have to tell me all about your young man. 

Richelle: Um, not too much to tell. He should be here in a moment if Dad and Rocky don't dump him in a snowbank. You've fixed the cabin up nice. Not too many left-over pieces of furniture.

Karen: Ya, I've been sewing like crazy this week. Do you like the new couch covers. 

Richelle: Very colorful and cozy...I love the new rug and floors, and the fish boil pictures. Can we hide my trophies though?

Karen: Aw, leave them there. You can pack them and take them back with you. We stocked the fridge, lots of beers and your favorite juice. I baked a kolache cake, with apricots. 


Karen: The new coffee pot is drip, so you have to boil water. You can do that, right!


Richelle: Sure Mom, what's keeping the guys? 


Todd (Richelle's dad): I'm coming Rocky, I got most of the clothes. How much of this is yours, Ryan?
I don't need to ask, 'Chellie always had to have a ton of clothes.

Rocky: Wow, this is a handful, too. 


Kicking the door noise! bam, bam bam!)

Todd: Coming through!



Rocky: Sis are you staying for a month? I only seen one bag for your boyfriend.


Rocky: You want all of this in the bedroom? (Rocky dumps the last load on the bed.

Richelle: Dad this is Ryan, the guy in the BEARS shirt???? Ryaaaannnn? Honestly, what were you thinking?

Ryan: It was clean, and honestly it was 5AM. Nice to meet you sir.

Todd: Sorry son, ya will have to leave, this is Packer country. Ha, ha, ha, not really, I'm just sorry for ya, such a dismal season.


Ryan: The Bears are rebuilding, Sir. Next year will be better! And where's my bag, Richelle, please, so I can change my shirt?


Todd: Well Honey, if he cleans up okay, I suppose we can take him bowling. Big tournament tonight and a pot luck at the Rod and Gun, after. There's a dart tournament at 10pm, if we make it in time.

Richelle: Oh, great. Ryan, they have the best Fish Fry, we have to go.


Ryan: Thanks for the invite, Sir. Fish, yes my favorite. What time do we leave?

Todd: I'll give ya a half hour to unpack and change that shirt. I don't want Richelle to lose 'another' boyfriend over football. See ya in a bit.

(After unpacking)


Ryan: I'm whooped, that was a really long drive. 
What's this about another boyfriend lost, Chellie?

Richelle: Long story and it had to do with the Vikings...sigh! We better get going, I can hear Dad starting the truck.


Ryan: I can see where you get your designing skills, from your mom. Early rod and gun design. Nice picture. 

Richelle: It's a Fish Boil...a big deal up here in Wisconsin. 

(Ryan --winks at her!)

Ryan: Well that's a fine kettle of fish you have gotten us into. So, when are we going to tell them?

(to be continued!

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