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Belle and Ian are on the street in front of 
Vickie's on December 23rd.

Ian: Do you mind waiting here while I run in quick and pick something out for my secret Santa gift.

Belle: Are you sure you don't want help? 

Ian: Nah, I have three sisters, I should be able to handle this. 

Belle:No problem, I'll get a hot chocolate next door and wait for you here. It's pretty nice out right now, no wind.


The street is filled with shoppers spilling out from Vickie's.


Inside, Carly helps Kevin try to choose a for his secret Santa gift. Vickie's has been busy all day and it is late in the afternoon.

Carly: This would be perfect for your Santa gift, and it's just under the dollar count.

Kevin: Are you sure that's the right looks kinda big. I don't know....?

Carly: This is the last one in blue, I can show you something else?


Kevin: I just don't know. 

Ian: I DO!...That's perfect for my gift, I'll take it! 

Carly: Is that okay, Kevin?

Kevin: Sure...but maybe you can show me something in a different color.


Ian: It's perfect can you wrap it real well. I don't want anyone seeing what I have.

Carly: Sure, Ian...anything else you need to find, I can help you.

Ian: Carly was a great help---and please wrap up some of these soaps for my Mom. She loves that kinda stuff. Great place you have here, no wonder the girls all love it. 


Belle: That was fast! I didn't even get my hot chocolate.

Ian: Well, then let's go for Pizza around the corner then. I know the kitchen is busy at the HFIM we might as well make sure we get a meal out. 

Belle: No anchovies though, please. 

Back in Vickie's-shopping is intense!


Carrie: Mom, I want to get an overnight case for Gramma, she loves  blue.

Mom: Oh, that's a great idea. I'm sure we can find something here.


Carrie: This is cute, but it's not big enough.


Carrie: There is so much to choose from.

Mom: Hey, Honey. How about this one. It's the perfect size.

Carrie: Oh, great, let me see if I can find things that fit.


Carrie: How about a brush, comb, perfume, and body lotion...they all fit. Let's get this. I'll go check out Mom, I have my own money.

While Carrie checks out Mom quickly scouts the racks.

Mom: Okay, I'll look around. Excuse me, Miss. Do you have anything in my daughter's size?


Carly: Sure, How about one of these? Very cute and not too short.

Mom: Oh, those are perfect can you hang those up and I'll have my brother pick them up. His name is Patrick. Oooops, here she comes.


Carrie: Can I meet my friends for hot chocolate?

Mom: Sure, mind if I tag along for a bit?---That sounds delicious. So do you have all your shopping done then?

Carrie: Yes, everything is checked off my list.


Carly: How about this Kevin? It's definitely not blue, and it's the only one. Same price, too.

Kevin: That's super cool, wrap it up and can I get some wrapping paper and a bow, too, please.

Carly: charge either. Meet you at the register.


Upstairs, Zoe helps Patrick find the perfect gifts.

Zoe: Any idea what you would like to find for your Secret Santa gift?

Patrick: Hmmm, I don't see anything up here. My sister just texted me to pick up something downstairs for my niece.


Midge: Oh this turquoise dress is adorable. Um, I'm supposed to be finishing my shopping...ugh!


Vickie: Did you find everything you need, Midge?

Midge: Way more than I need, ha-ha. 


...Please may I have extra bags and a few bows...then I can be done.

Vickie: No problem, it really is getting down to the wire. I'm afraid of how busy we might be tomorrow. Today has been, pheeewwwee!

Midge: You have such a good crew---you gals can handle anything!  Here comes Patrick.


Patrick: Hey Carly---are you trying to trap us upstairs? Any chance you know about some package for my sister?

Carly: Sure Patrick, I just had to get off my feet for a second. It's for your niece so we hid it in the hold section. 

Patrick: I know it's supposed to be a secret, but does anyone know Gilly? I got her name for secret Santa and I've never met her. I need some ideas, quick.

Add captionbarbieoldnewgreenredo
Carly: She's my new roommate. She's blonde, ahh-- and a, Zumba instructor, has lots of energy. How about this hooded top---she would look great in this. Maybe add a workout bag or a Yoga mat. 


Patrick: Okay, I like the top and the mat idea. I don't want to go over the limit. Besides, I don't know her. 

Carly: Once you meet her, you won't have any problem knowing her, she's and memorable!


Carly: Hi, Ryan's mom! Who are you shopping for...?

Ryan's Mom: Richelle and my best friend. I found the most beautiful purple dress for Richelle upstairs. And a gift basket with your new bath products will certainly makes a great gift.


Ryan's Mom: I even found something for That seems to always happen here. Merry Christmas to you all!

Vickie: Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas, Monnie! Looks like you have all your shopping done.

Monnie: Not yet, how about you---I love that purple dress, is it for Richelle.......?

Ryan's Mom: It sure is, and I got the cutest little purse to go with it. You know they have all those parties and fund-raisers they have to go to for work.

Inside, poor Sindy leans agains the jewelry cabinet. She looks wiped out.


Sindy: If I never bake another cookie, it will be too soon. I haven't gotten a single present bought, yet! My mom is so hard to buy for.


Carly: How about this great lounging outfit, Sindy? 


Carly: Or this soft jogging suit, it was a sample from a local boutique.

Sindy: Oh, I'll take both of them, and I need a secret Santa gift, then I have to deliver my last batch of cookies. Ten boxes of my Ultimate Christmas Cookies. I don't have the energy to do more than that tonight.


Sindy pays for her purchases, and lugs it out the door, along with her 10 orders of cookies.

Sindy: I'll see you all at the party!


Zoe: Psssst, was Sindy the last customer. I hope so,....quick shut the door. I have it all straightened up here.


Vickie: Only one more day and then we can put our feet up and have a cocktail. So, how about a quick clean-up and some more bows on the bannister. We need more tissue, too.

Zoe: Sure, there isn't anymore stock to put out---this is it!

Carly: I can't imagine what it will be like tomorrow? Why does everyone leave their shopping to the last minute.

Carly: Giggles.....I'm not done.

Zoe:---Neither am I----giggle.

Vickie: I have one of the guys for secret Santa... 
What on earth do you get one of those guys? ...snort!

Such is retail at Christmas....!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the girls at 


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There are so many dolls and clothes in this episode---I only have a few researched.
Vickie is in vintage Barbie 
Zoe's top is from a Fashion Fever collection (2006 I think)
Her Linen trousers are from Barbie, the 90's
The dresses for Carrie are Sparkles 2018, 
Carrie wears Barbie leggings, Barbie choco-cat top and undetermined jacket (Bratz maybe)
Ian's Secret Santa gift is Blue sweater is from Target 2018
Ian wears Ken jeans and hoodie, vest Michael's ornament 2017
Carly wears Fashion Fever top and sparkles leggings
Midge wears all Barbie, turquoise dress is Sparkles 2018, purse is Barbie
Most all of the accessories in the shoe shelves are Barbie.
Patrick wears his 'Ken' shirt/pants set with tie he uses for bartending.
1st Mom is in handmade white top by me, vintage coat and leggings???
Ryan's Mom top is Barbie from 90's and jacket/pants handmade by me
Kevin is Ken pants/shirt, and homemade sweat jacket
Sindy has on her Barbie baker's uniform, and a vintage jacket (undetermined)
Cookies are handmade by me.

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