EL shows Vickie the New Guys & Resort Shop


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The Guys' Resort Shop is READY!

Vickie and El double check the lower level shop
 before tomorrow's opening!

Vickie: I really do love the new stairs and the hallway lighting.

EL: It's definitely safer with the gridded steps and sturdy handrails.


(Murmuring outside the door)


EL: Now it's so clean, dirt will really show up. I like the non-slip floor surface, too.


Vickie: And the lighting is FAB...You have to find some great RESORT posters to put in the Hall now.

EL: That's a great idea, there just wasn't time to address this space, but definitely needs to be utilized. How about a big bulletin board of our customers on vacation---that might be fun, and a great way to advertise? 
YOUR Selfie's on Vacation!

Inside EL shows off more of her handy work.


EL: This was the SPOOKY corner. Now we have some of the sports equipment, of course it will change with the seasons. Football is almost done, but there is always Arena Football. This corner still gives me the 'oogies' though.

Vickie: Russell said there is an entirely new 8"thick concrete wall behind there EL, ...nothing can come through that.


EL: Well, there have been no noises or music playing anymore.

Vickie: I hope not. Concrete or not, Father Herman blessed the new construction, and Carly's great auntie VooDoo'd a bunch to cleanse spirits from here, and I have to confess I burned a half bushel of sage down here and in the storeroom before the construction got underway.


EL: Speaking of the dead, can I put a RIP Bobby Hull or his number on the hockey table.


Vickie: Of course, a Chicago Legend for sure, you will probably sell that table immediately! And, I really like how you did the helmets and the skateboards---where did you find all those?

EL: Well it was in the high 40's in temperatures and they were a Craig's List Lot---thought it would move some winter wear and helmets, which we have too many of. Now we got snow, and the walks are slippery enough without being on a skateboard.


EL: This is the last of the very winter pieces, which we could put on sale?

Vickie: Sure, 50% off, long as you have something else to fill the rack with.


Vickie: Your mini-campground is realistic---really vintage. Might want to reset the bin in front before tomorrow.


Vickie: It definitely feels lighter and brighter down here now. They did a good job on the floors, too.


EL: I'm glad you let me have this rack back, it is perfect size for guys' wear.

Vickie: Me too! It was too dark to use upstairs---I think we may repaint the shoe rack to something lighter, and I found the Clear Cabinet upstairs which works well.


Vickie: The guys' shoes look great here with accessories.


Vickie: I know you lost a foot of depth on the two walls, but at least it is safe now. How about you get the lights and meet me upstairs...

EL: Sure, I'll just be a minute, and I'm going to fix the top of the clothes rack too, so I don't forget!

(More on Vickie's in the next post)

Sources and Tips:

All the racks/cabinets have been found in thrift stores, and modified for for use. Small items are foam or double stick-taped to surfaces for sanity.

Cabinets are sticky foamed to the contact paper covered walls.

Stairway is printed and modified photo to work to scale.

Mini's are mostly Mattel/thrifted, chair is definitely from the 60's, campground is from the late 70's-early 80's Mattel.

Skateboards are mixed all thrifted in a goody bag.

Clothing is either homemade or thrift store finds. Occasionally I buy Mattel clothing on sale.

EL's sweater was a Christmas ornament from either Target or Micheals a few years back. 

Hockey game is a $Store buy, new.

Football Helmets are from vending machines from my kid's stash.

Helmets, skis, shoes, boots, and sports gear is almost all Mattel. 

Any questions about anything please note in comments and I will be happy to reply if I can with info.

If you enjoyed this post(s), please join me by email- at FOLLOW IT---in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions or products shown, or from where I shop. 

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