Halloween and the Skeleton Bash!


Happy Halloween Blog

Some archived Halloween Fun with my Gang! 
the short version...

Richelle picks out Ryan's costume to match hers.

Vickie's Vintage is super busy selling tickets for the 
Skeleton Bash charity function.

The store is stuffed with costumes and accessories!

Zoe adjusting the spooky jewelry.

Monnie grabs some extra posters to take to work.

A costume or is it a costume in the corner frightens everyone!

After hours the Vickie's Vintage is broken into or becomes haunted??????

Vickie finds Joe on the scene and she mistakes him for the GHOST? 
She almost beans him with a bone!

This is how Vickie meets Joe---the detective on her case.
(so I guess it's a spooky love story?)

Meanwhile the Bash committee surveys the venue and makes decisions and gets to work.

Where's the stage going to go---?
and the bar? 
and the Food?
(and my excuse to make a massive diorama)

Finishing touches are always important.

Testing, can you hear me now???

We're almost done....! 

This corner is going to be really cool!

Do we have everything done? We need to go home and dress!

All the tickets are sold, but the phone keeps the girls busy...and the customers...

And more customers...

A King rings up his purchase.

This hat is too small for me?

Too cool an outfit though....I gotta have it...wrap it up
(don't you just love how guys shop---never even look at the Price?$$$

Meanwhile a Pirat-ess gets her stuffings pulled in on her corset... Gasping Pirat-ess: I can't wait for the Bash!

I'll show some clips of the Skeleton Bash 
in my next POST! 
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VICKIE'S Haunted Vintage...
you can go here, to the whole story....sometimes I get carried away...(sometimes???)

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