Vickie's HAUNTED Vintage DEUX

When I first moved my Doll Barbie posts from my regular blog: ,

 I embarked on a story I had no idea where it was going to go, it started as Vickie's HAUNTED Vintage, a costume story. I also knew it would be about having a Benefit party, but then...


It really started with the New Vickie's Vintage...selling tickets for the Benefit called the Skeleton's Bash. The new store had lots of costumes and ended up being very busy. Decorated for Halloween, Vickie's shop began to have strange things happening: moving mannequins, ancient curses, cryptic and mysterious bone messages, threats, break-ins and the worst, loosing her lease.




Wierd things started happening, customers complained.

Zoe: How can I help you?


Joe: I'm looking for  a leather vest with fringe and a helmet, do you have anything like that here?
Wow, this dude back here is one scary---MMM_um....guy!

Part 4 

Next Morning:
06:00 Cantrell Security calls: Vickie's emergency number. 

Cantrell: Miss Vickie, no worries, but we had some sort of breach on your Eastland location last night, CPD was notified and an officer responded. There were bones on the floor from my notes. The officer locked up and we reset the alarms. Just a head's up. Security cameras show no activity after that.

Vickie: Oh. Thank you for the information, we had something weird going on yesterday. Can you keep the cameras on during the day please. 

Cantrell: CPD may follow up with you today, and yes cameras are set for on for the entire block.


Part 4:

Part 5

(Then there was the LOVE element, which surprised even me.)

Detective Joe and Vickie walk down to Sal's Seafood just around the block from the vintage shop for a late dinner.

Gino: I'm your server tonight. Nice to see you again Joe, and you're Miss Vickie from the shop around the corner. 

Detective Joe: Please Gino the table back in the corner. That's a nasty bruise on your face Gino, what happened?.

Part 6
(The night of the Bash...the Shop was closing, electrical and phones are not working.)

Vickie: The store is so empty, all those hangers. We are going to be closed until November 6th. I think we all need a few days off!

Zoe: (she kicks the garbage can) Take scary old....bag of bones! We need to get going...gang.

Joe: I'm going to follow up on this phone line going dead, Vickie. I'll meet you there, just stay together and you should be fine. This is the first incidence in three days.

The SKELETON BASH goes on.
Food area, manned by Sindy and Patrice in vintage Disney tops and leggings.
(What a party--food music, dancing, fun)

The bar is busy.

The banquet is ready. 

Part 6:

Part 7
(Then...Under cover Joe and Vickie meet again..)

The Skeleton Bash is in full swing and everyone is enjoying the food. Detective Joe in his undercover vest views the scene. Looking for anything unusual.

Vickie:Hey there, Detective Joe, I didn't remember to thank you for the flowers. Do you want to join me for some food before it's all gone?

Joe:Sorry Vickie, I just got a call, your store's been hit again. We need to leave right now. I have my van out back.

 Vickie: Oh no, let's go.

(At Vickie's Haunted Vintage)

Vickie: I don't...(sniff.)..know what I'm going to do. All our hard work is a mess on the floor! Costumes ripped and ruined, and all the decorations are trashed. I'm lucky the new stock is in storage.

Does Joe solves the case from camera footage. He recognizes something, or someone.

Joe: That's your right wrist on camera. So, who paid you to do this, and to Sal, too? He gave you a job when no one else would.

Gino: I had to, they'll kill me, or hurt my sister. I wont' tell you, anything. 

(WHO IS THEY??? Find OUT!)

Part 7:

Part it finally over?

Darkness is perpetual on Vickie's Street for over a week. Detective Joe is no where to be found.

(Joe finally shows up)

Joe: I thought I would stop by, I saw your lights were finally on. I've been kinda busy, but your place looks great! Thanks for hanging on to my vest.


Vickie:You sure have been busy, Joe. According to the paper, your unnamed task force brought down the Russian mob. Why did they want to acquire properties all over the North side? What were they planning to do with them?

Joe:Well, I could tell you that information,Vickie. But, then I would have to lock you up in solitary confinement until the trials. We wouldn't want that. 

.....If you want to see the end of the story....

Part 8 finale here:

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I hope you enjoyed the story---because Vickie's is going to be a costume shop again, soon! Hugs, Sandi

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  1. I'm going to take my time for reading this story, with a nice cup of coffee and a cookie (probably a lot of cookies hahaha), and read all the episodes. I love haunted houses, stores, well everything haunted really! :D

    1. Well, have a glass of wine or sort of wrote itself, not always the best way to do a story, now I make at least a small outline, grins! Enjoy!

  2. I love this Party and it's backstory... and that Banquet Feast of Tiny Food! I really have a fascination with the Tiny Foods my Granddaughter had with some of her Woodzeez and LPS Figures, so I couldn't Sell it all when she decided to open her Booth at the Antique Mall 3 Years ago. Now I have about Two Antique Typeset Cabinet Drawers filled with what we kept.

    1. I really wanted to dig in her minis at your mall, but chicago is a bit of a hop away. Still have that much, that is amazing. Food is the most fun. I'm going to start in on some fish/fowl/meats soon. I made a bunch of greenbeans and those were fun. We will see. Hugs, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. I just LOVE your party. Everybody looks like they are having a really good time. And the way you photographed everything, it almost looks like real people instead of dolls. This is great fun!

    1. It's been a couple of years, now...April, and it was fun to see the photos again for me too. Some of the interactions seem great, mostly because I have forgotten all the flop-overs at this point, it was like having dominos set up---one went over and a whole bunch followed. I do miss the Elsa and Anna dolls, because of their expressive faces, but they traveled to my Grand, because she gave hers to her cousins in the Phillipines when visiting. Glad you are enjoying it.Sandi


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